My passion for Oregon and human connection shine through in my everyday work. I am very passionate about Real Estate and strive to help others understand, appreciate and enjoy the sometimes intimidating home-buying and selling processes. I enjoy helping buyers explore the market, navigate offers, closing of the transactions, and finally handing over the keys. I also really enjoy working with sellers in pricing, preparing and presenting their home in the best list possible to get it sold quickly and at the best price possible.
When I’m not helping my clients, I enjoy being outdoors; whether that means hiking, exploring or capturing the magnificent views through my camera lens. The great outdoors is very expansive in Oregon so I take advantage of the beautiful scenery that surrounds me as often and I can. Another great piece of culture Oregon has to offer is our wine industry. It had helped put Oregon more on the map globally than ever before. Oregon wines have a world class reputation. I love drinking it, learning about it, and introducing other to it.
I believe that homes are like people in that each is unique with it’s own story to tell. Although there may be very similar homes, no two homes are exactly alike-just like each and every client. I am here to help find a home with a story that fits your story. I’m the Realtor on YOUR side.


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