Lane County, Oregon Current Market

real-estate-numbers-wideWith so many different media sources it can be difficult to determine what the current Real Estate market is doing, not knowing who is using scare tactics and who is sharing actual information.  One thing you can count on is I will always share the most accurate information that I am aware of.

I am diligent in ensuring I am informed on current Real Estate issues as well as current trends.  If I didn’t how could I properly represent my clients?

Whether you’re looking to sell your home soon, purchase a home, know someone that is looking to buy or sell, or just need conversational topics, I’m here to be your Real Estate Resource.

Here is a little snapshot into what Real Estate is looking like in Lane County, Oregon:

Our market statistics are available to me around the 14th of each month, for the previous month.  Here are a few market statistics from January’s report for December:

Lane County:

  • Home prices were up 8.3% in lane county from 2015 to 2016.
  • December ended with the fewest homes on the market since May of 2005!
    • This doesn’t mean homes aren’t being listed, this means they are being sold quickly!

What does this mean for sellers?  There are more buyers than sellers currently, which can mean a quick sale with multiple offers, if priced well.

I have built my business on referrals.  If you know someone looking for a well qulified Realtor in the Springfield, Eugene and surrounding areas in Oregon, I hope you think of me.

In need of a Realtor somewhere other than where I serve?  I know many Realtors across the country.  Chances are, I know someone that can be your Realtor!

Do you have questions about the housing market, upcoming legislation that will effect the housing market, or other topics you’d like to learn more about, email me:


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